Rob van den Akker

Hi, I am Rob van den Akker, the creator and owner of TheLifeSigns service, based in the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands.

After working for about 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry (I am actually a pharmacist) I decided I wanted to do something very different. I was looking for a technical challenge that could solve an existing challenge in society.

Reading a newspaper article about the growing number of singles being found in their homes days or weeks after something happened to them, inspired me to look for a solution for this issue.

The TheLifeSigns objective is to provide a simple service for singles to get help, using the devices they already have. Perhaps you could compare TheLifeSigns service to taking out an insurance; you hope you never need them but it is reassuring to know they are there when something happens. (Please read the terms of service first)

TheLifeSigns service is free because it is privately funded and currently does not have commercial objectives.

[email protected]